Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Un carnaval de recursos" BILINGUAL BLOG HOP

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Have you noticed that some non-fiction books are way too difficult for our emergent readers?  Well,  I've made some non-fiction passages easy enough for our emergent readers to feel successful in reading.  Here you see my student reading a non-fiction passage during guided reading.  This passage has lots of high frequency words that she can easily identify and read.

After repeatedly reading the passage, my students will write facts about the topic.  They write the non-fiction facts to build automaticity not only in reading but in writing as well.  

My students then get their own mini book to practice independently at their desk, Daily 5 routines or for homework.  Before they start reading the book, they highlight the high frequency words first.


How about trying it in your classroom?  
Here is a freebie to try it out with your emergent readers.  
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