Saturday, January 23, 2016

South California Winter Blog Hop!

Who doesn't love sunny San Diego?  San Diego is my beloved hometown!  We are so lucky to live in a place with such wonderful weather and with great, fun attractions throughout the county.  
We live 20 minutes away from the beach and the bay.    Often our family will have a picnic day at a park/bay front called Ski Beach.  Ski Beach is actually located on the east side of Mission Beach.
It has a playground for the kids and a great path for jogging along the bay.
  Since we don't own jet skis, we usually rent them for a reasonable price right on the bay! 
Here's a picture of my husband and my daughter having a great time on the jet skis. 

Here is my WINTER FREBIE for you!  When I meet in guided reading groups, I need to know that my other students are working on a literacy station that is fun and engaging.  The literacy station my students love the most are my Matching Sentences.  I've made these for each month, so my second language learners are practicing fluency, writing and problem solving when it comes to learning new vocabulary words.

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Check out the next destination here!  Maybe you will be motivated to make a trip to Southern California this summer!
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's Time to Revise and Edit!

We're at the point where our students are beginning to write independently.  They are expressing their feelings and creating wonderful narratives, informative texts and opinions.  Often, we find ourselves asking our students, "Can you please go back and add capital letters to the beginning of each sentence or make sure you add punctuation marks at the end of each sentence."  How many times do our students go back to their desk and add a period to each line at the right margin of the page?  You can relate, right?

Well, this type of behavior happened often in my classroom until I started teaching the editing marks.  I modeled three times a week how to revise and edit a simple paragraph.  For first graders, I started using 4 editing marks: punctuation, capitalization, spacing and eliminate a letter or word within the sentence.  Using this technique, helped my students understand the meaning of a sentence and when it was right to add punctuation marks.         

Once your students get the routine of using the editing marks, they can practice what they learned by editing simple sentences during a literacy center.
Here are a few samples you try with your students.