Upper Grade Dual Immersion

Happy Earth Day!
Check out these wonderful opinion writing pieces from my fabulous dual immersion 4th graders.  The article they read was in English and I gave them the choice to write in Spanish.  Most wrote it in Spanish!  YAY!!!      
They look so cute!  

I have taught 4th and 5th grade dual immersion for the past four years.  After teaching first grade for 14 years, I decided to try a different grade.  Well, I'm ready to move back to first even though I really like teaching in the upper grades.  As long as I teach in Spanish, I will teach ANY GRADE!  Here are some pictures from my dual immersion upper grade classroom!

Using the IVF to write summaries!  

Check out these wonderful stories about the California Gold Rush.  My 4th grade students had to write a narrative in Spanish using one of the three routes to California from New York for the Gold Rush.  So CUTE!


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